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RSS Feeds

CICS RSS (RDF Site Summary) feeds allow you to read through the conferences you want, at your own convenience.

Using the RSS reader of your choice or by integrating the feed into your blog (or online personal journal), you can access the latest CICS conferences in your favourite environment!

How to use RSS feeds?

Generally, in order to view our RSS feeds on your computer, you will first need to acquire an RSS Reader, a RSS Web module, or a Desktop Dashboard. To add a CICS RSS channel, click on the appropriate button, copy the URL and paste it into your RSS application. It's simple!

An alternative to downloading a dedicated news reader is to use a Web-based news reader. For example, My Yahoo! users can now add RSS feeds directly to their personal page.

You can now also get the latest headlines on your mobile using our RSS feeds.

Get CICS's RSS Feeds

Get your RSS feeds here! Just click on the orange RSS button for the feed you want, copy the URL from the address bar and then paste it in the appropriate field of your RSS Reader to instantly add CICS conference headlines to your RSS application. The headlines are automatically updated every 15 minutes, 7 days a week.

Accessing an RSS feed is just like podcasting, in that you subscribe to a feed. The difference between RSS feeds and podcast feeds is that you receive text content instead of audio content.

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